Aleia roses, the passion of a dream

Aleia Roses has chosen to create an ambitious project specialising in intensive cultivation of the most perfect and lasting of all red roses, the Red Naomi!®.

Behind this initiative is Luis Corella, Madrid entrepreneur and CEO of Aleia Roses. The company’s creation was headed by Corella back in 2013. With extensive experience in high-tech greenhouses, Corella has wanted to put his knowledge to work in this type of cultivation to produce the Red Naomi!® red rose. Aleia Roses represents his most significant business commitment, with the aim of building something beautiful and transcendent.


With an investment exceeding 65 million Euros, Aleia Roses has selected the most advanced Dutch technology for the cultivation of these flowers in state-of-the-art facilities. Renowned specialists in the sector, such as the greenhouse producer Dalsem Horticultural Projects and the plants and flowers research and development centre of the prestigious University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, have supported this project and have been its main technical partners.

The first Aleia flowers saw the light in autumn 2016 in a 15-hectare greenhouse, located in northern Spain, implementing the most efficient and innovative production systems on the market.







The company aims to become a leader in the field of flowers and to be a benchmark for excellence and sustainability through the use of the last Dutch technology to replicate natural conditions for the Aleia roses to grow healthy and strong, and achieve perfection.


The professional team working at Aleia Roses is made up by the best Dutch specialists in the floricultural sector, who are strict to apply all relevant quality controls.


Thanks to a cooperation agreement with ILUNION, the ONCE business group, a percentage of the staff working at Aleia Roses are disabled people who are perfectly integrated into the team.