As a grower and producer of the Red Naomi!® rose variety, Aleia Roses works from sophisticated facilities that have made this project become a global benchmark in technology.

The largest greenhouse in Europe with an unbeatable infrastructure for this variety, is spread over an area of about 15 hectares and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Parque Empresarial del Medio Ambiente in Garray, just eight kilometres from the city of Soria (Castile and León).

The most innovative Dutch technology and the excellent Spanish climate are the two main pillars on which Aleia Roses has built this facility to enjoy watching the Aleia roses when flowering. The entire process, from planting to cutting, combines the power of nature and the latest technologies implemented in a sustainable manner.

Aleia Roses constantly seeks excellence in every step of the production process, respects the environment and uses the most efficient methods to reduce, wherever possible, pollution to its minimum.

The anti-glare frosted glass is the basis on which the greenhouse has been built, enabling to obtain powerful solar radiation and enhancing the photosynthesis of the rose. Aleia Roses obtains the necessary thermal energy through the use of energy-saving screens to prevent energy losses.

To grow healthy, strong and long-lasting roses, Aleia uses agricultural chemicals to ensure comprehensive pest management and biological control.

The Aleia roses flourish thanks to leading technology in hydroponics, which simplifies the variables that determine the growth of the roses. Compared with other more traditional systems, in hydroponics the flower grows at a height and avoids direct contact with the ground, which, in this case, is protected by a material comprised of rock wool and fibreglass to secure the root of the rose. This way, we avoid any possible contamination of the aquifers and the ground.

Floriculture requires large amounts of water, hence Aleia Roses has created within its facilities water reservoirs which, by means of catchment systems, recover and store rainwater and allow it to be reused.

Thanks to this system and the water of the Duero river, which runs close to the plantation, the project reduced by more than half the usual water consumption for hydroponics. In addition, the team of professionals carries out a comprehensive and computerised control of the irrigation and fertilizers based on the needs of the crop and weather conditions.

Aleia Roses also has a system for recovering the CO2 from the combustion of natural gas in the shell boilers for hot water at low-pressure and of high efficiency. Thus avoids the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and reducing the impact on global warming.

The cultivation of Aleia Roses is fully automated thanks to high-tech equipment, such as loading wagons and two automatic sorting machines, two work tables and 24 bouquet creating workstations. These machines sort the Aleia roses based on the length of the stem, diameter, the height of the flower bud, of the opening and the colour.