Cultivating the longest lasting and most beautiful roses

Aleia Roses cultivates Red Naomi!®, the queen of red roses, in the largest and most modern greenhouse in Europe of this variety. Dutch technology and the privileged Spanish climate create a magical union that gives rise to the most perfect and longest lasting rose on the market.


Being a benchmark of excellence and sustainability in the world of roses

Aleia Roses provides unforgettable emotions and experiences through the magic that is found in each of its roses, the most exclusive ones on the market.







In our search for perfection and the very best quality, Aleia Roses implements the most avant-garde Dutch techniques and the most experienced Dutch talent.

The facilities are spread over an area of about 15 hectares designed by the best team of Dutch experts within the floricultural sector, such as the greenhouse company Dalsem Horticultural Projects, and the plants and flowers research and development centre of the renowned University of Wageningen in the Netherlands.


Aleia Roses is committed to society and caring for the environment. Hence, the initiative has promoted the integration within the company’s workforce of people at risk of social exclusion, as well as promoting equality among all of its professionals, and working to protect the natural resources used for cultivating roses.

Aleia roses grow healthy and are long-lasting flowers. In addition, Aleia Roses make efficient use of all natural resources, thus, having reduced by 50% its water consumption through the collection of excellent quality rainwater. The company also prevents contamination of aquifers through hydroponic cultivation of its roses and enriches the levels of CO2 thanks to the gases originating from the combustion of natural gas for heating.


The effort of Aleia Roses to be a reference to sustainability has been recognized with the A qualification of the Floriculture Environmental Program (MPS) certificate, which values the sustainable production of the crop.


Aleia Roses is also a company with great social responsibility, thanks to which it is committed to the creation of employment and the integration disabled people into its workforce.


Our roses reflect the enthusiasm of the entire team comprising Aleia Roses.

The team of professionals at Aleia Roses is made up by highly qualified engineers, agricultural biologists and computer scientists that work to manage and control every last detail of the inputs and outputs of nutrients to and from the roses. They also avoid the possible appearance of any infections that could affect the rose bush and the quality of the flowers.


The great beauty of Aleia Roses transmits emotions and becomes a unique experience.

Aleia roses belong to the Red Naomi!® variety, the queen of red roses with superb quality and unique qualities. Each rose has more than 80 velvety petals, an intense red colour, a stem with a length of up to 90 centimetres with very few prickles and a subtle yet perfumed scent. Red Naomi!® roses are the longest lasting available on the market given that, once cut, they can remain in perfect condition up to 15 days.