Aleia Roses specialises in the intensive cultivation of the Red Naomi!® variety, the best rose in the world and the preferred choice among the best florists in the sector, since it was introduced in the market in 2006.


The Aleia rose is exclusive and is differentiated thanks to its intense red colour and a duration up to two weeks* remaining in perfect condition. The flower stem can reach a length of up to 90 centimetres. The project is implemented at the largest, state-of-the-art greenhouse in Europe growing this variety. The facilities spread over 15 hectares, bringing together the latest Dutch technology in floriculture and the climatic advantages of being located in Spain.


*Following the care tips.


Aleia Roses replicates the <strong>best natural conditions </strong>for the roses to grow healthy and strong, for which an investment exceeding 50 million Euros has been made. Northern Spain offers unbeatable climatic conditions and high solar radiation throughout the year, low temperatures even in summer and humidity to differentiate Aleia Roses from the red roses cultivated by other producers in Europe and Latin America.

The project operates with the collaboration and support of the best Dutch experts in the cultivation of the Red Naomi!®, as the company behind the creation of latest technology greenhouses Dalsem Horticultural Projects and the plants and flowers research and development centre of the renowned University of Wageningen in the Netherlands.

Thanks to a complex production and cultivation process, Aleia Roses is a world leader in technology and sustainability. The production in the greenhouse is carried out by means of an efficient use of all resources to reduce water consumption thanks to the rainwater collection system, avoiding the contamination of aquifers by cultivating roses in hydroponics and to enrich CO2 levels by means of the gases produced from the combustion of natural gas for heating. The entire cultivation process uses a protection system with integrated pest management and biological control that implements sustainable strategies.


Aleia Roses is a key producer in the European market and member of Royal FloraHolland, the world’s largest flower auction, where the main wholesalers within floricultural sector operate. Each day this vast auction is the stage for the sale of more than 20 million flowers and plants. The Aleia Roses product is on sale at Royal FloraHolland, FloraHolland Direct, and on the FloraNext trading system and the pre-sale system FloraMondo. The product can also be found at local markets through major wholesalers.

Social Responsibility

The Aleia Roses project is also committed to social responsibility for the creation of employment.

Thanks to a cooperation agreement with ILUNION, the ONCE business group, a percentage of the staff working at Aleia Roses are disabled people.